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Forkways #30:

Why does food mater? It is a simple and complex question at the same time. Food connects with basic human needs along with deep longings and desires. Food is bound up with survival and self worth. Food can help us identify who we are and where we stand in our community. Food can be an obstacle and a vehicle. Food forms you and has the ability to transform you. Food has the ability to transport you. Food may be one of the most universal concepts in human history and human culture. It can define your class, social status, location in the world, ethnicity, and religious associations. 

Food production can have an impact on food security and deeply ecological implications. The ethical and ecological impacts of agriculture are important to consider and contrast to the nutritional needs and food availability to various populations in the world. Self sufficiency and the ability to see and connect with the food that you eat has also become an important trend in American society. Ever since peopl…

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