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Reading Log - January

I got a good start on my reading for the year this month. I have set a goal to read 104 books this year. I am already a little behind schedule, but I am feeling okay about my progress. 

The holidays are not a motivate time for me. And while this year wasn't too bad, I did not get as much reading done when I was traveling as I had hoped.

I have been focusing a little bit on books about creativity. I have started drawing and painting more. I find this work really fulfilling. I also got the idea about creating a calendar/to do list system that is specifically customized for the lives of creative people. It is just an idea I have right, but the books I have been reading on creativity have helped me with some of the ideas I am having.

It is exciting to be reconnecting with my creative life. Now that school has started again, I am worried that may go to they wayside.

I finished SIX books:

1. Children of Eden
2. The Dot
3. Year of the Cow
4. Steal Like an Artist
5. Howl's Moving Castle
6. Scyt…

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