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Showing posts from September 7, 2008

I Loved You

I was on the phone with my ex, CP. This is what he said, "I did love you." "Oh we have moved into the past tense?" He never told me when we were together. And it stung a little bit to know it was true and I never heard the words. From a poem of mine: If you weren't afraid to say the word I wouldn't need to heard it so bad "That kind of love comes and goes and is hard to remember afterwards, like pain. You would look at the man one day and you would think, I loved you, and the tense would be past, and you would be filled with a sense of wonder, because it was such an amazing and precarious and dumb thing to have done; and you would know too why your friends had been evasive about it, at the time." -- The Handmaid's Tale This was the quote last night I was telling you about. It reminded me of the conversation with my ex, even though the subject matter is quite different. The ones you love that everyone seems to know it won't wo

Fun Finday - Party Time

Things are continuing to be busy for me. Today it is my youngest's birthday. Birthday parties are always a stressful time for me. This year we are doing a party in the park and I just finished icing the cake. Rainbow cake with buttercream frosting and rainbow cupcakes with no frosting. It is a very weird feeling to have my baby grow older. My youngest is going to be... Do you have any special birthday traditions in your family?

Changing Post Name to Avoid Spam

Have you noticed? Curious to know why? Yes, suddenly Kindergarten is the bane of my existence. Only 5 short days ago I got a phone call while I was leisurely snoozing away my kid free Saturday morning informing me that my 5 year old was being switched to all day K. Starting at 8:55 Monday morning. Mind you, no one in my house is actually up at 9am. I was relieved when my daughter originally got afternoon K. Well now she is in school for hours on end, has to fend for herself in the lunch room and has double homework. On top of the assigned homework there are also skill checklists and alphabet charts that leave me at 2 hours of homework with my 5 year old. Jealous?