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Showing posts from March 25, 2018

Forkways #28: Oysters

The Bon Appetite podcast is one of the ways that I get exposed to new types of food and chefs. One thing that the podcast does really well is keep the level of information extremely introductory. This must be hard than it seems, because over time the podcast can't increase the entry point of understanding. At any moment someone could be listening to the podcast for the first time and they show does not want the listener to feel disadvantaged.
About a year ago, I listened to a podcast with author Stephanie Danler. Interestingly enough I didn't really like her, but aspects of her interview stuck with me through my continued research with food. I think we see the same phenomenon in cooking shows and especially cooking travel shows. And I talked about this nagging thought when I discussed my experience dining at Momofuku. Stephanie talks about how restaurant service workers are looking for the extreme aspects of life. So many people interested in food are looking for the extreme as…

Forkways #27: Nailed It!

Only a few days ago Netflix aired a new show called Nailed It!

IT IS HILARIOUS. One of the things that is refreshing about the show is the realization that perfection is always going to be off the table. Humans and moms seem to struggle with this a lot. Originally when Julia Child began to teach Americans about French cuisine, it was her humanity that help transport her into an icon. Television stars walk the balance between reality and perfection. Often the more realistic the presentation, the more simplistic the steps or ingredients. Many Americans strongly believe they can't cook or don't have time cook. Much of the advertising world is trying to confirm this.

One of the issues I have always had with cool looking deserts is that they might not always taste good. This show reveals the man behind the curtain on the process of dessert construction while showing the reality of what it looks like when a regular person attempts to make these spectacular items.