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The Sunday Salon–The Ick Edition

It is true. I have caught a case of the Ick, just a short while after getting over a stomach thing I now have a cold thing.  And for the past few days I have felt like death warmed over.  But whether I feel 100% or not my invalid time is almost over since soon I will have to pick up my girlies and do my ever important mommy time.  Which doesn’t particularly mix with invalid time. But don't feel too bad for me because the week was filled with book shopping and I have some author events coming up I don't plan on missing. I love Scholastic book fairs.  I always have, and I hope I always will. In the  fall there is a regular priced fair that acts like a fund raiser for our school.  Now that I understand the workings of this better I can appreciate buying a few full priced books.  But it will not surprise many people that I love the buy one get one free fairs even more. This fair we got more books than we ever had before.  Unfortunately for me, I already owned a good majority of th…