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Pussreboots Guest Post – Exploring the Maze

The Maze Runner by its title alone puts the maze as motif in the forefront. There are three kinds of mazes: the labyrinth, the maze and the tour puzzle. James Dashner's maze has elements of all three. The Labyrinth:
The labyrinth has its roots in the Cretan myth of King Minos and the Minotaur. Daedelus built the labyrinth to hold the minotaur. He was kept in the center of the structure where he couldn't escape. Anyone who entered the structure ran the risk of being killed by the Minotaur. A true labyrinth has one path that starts on the outside and ends in the center. Here we get our first pieces of the The Maze Runner: The teens arrive in the center of the maze. They live there in an area they call the Glade. Although they can explore the maze, at night they must return to the center. While there are dangers in the maze itself at night (Grievers and the moving walls), by being housed in the center of it all, they are symbolically minotaurs. These teens are in some way th…