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Showing posts from April 16, 2017

Reading Log - Third Week of April

Though my reading numbers haven't drastically increased, I am feeling particularly productive when it comes to reading. Partly it is knowing that the semester is ending soon and I will have lots of space and time to read whatever my heart desires. This semester has been very interesting and engaging for me. The entire semester who focused around food. The quantity of the things I was able to learn was astonishing, but I wasn't able to work on my own food related interests and projects because I had so much reading to do for my classes. I did finish a few books over the past week and that always motivates me.

15. The Omnivore's Dilemma
16. 365 Journal Writing Prompts
17. Stars So Sweet

Currently Reading:
Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo
Save Me a Seat
The Fireman

Hope to Read Soon:
The Unsettling of America
The Vegetarian
The Circle

I have not picked up very many of the books I have hoped to read soon or have been in the middle of for a while. Over the pa…

The Sunday Salon

I have been thinking a lot about my experience as a blogger lately. Having a blog got me through some dark and lonely times. It is hard to remember the times before social media. The Sunday Salon was one of my favorite parts of the blogging ritual. I realize now that much of the community no longer blogs or no long participates. But I decided to write a salon post this week as homage to the memory of my active blogging days.

On Sundays I would get up and leisurely work on my Salon post, taking the time to ponder about the topics I had read about since the last time I posted and see if there was something that I could really tease out and discuss. This week I am preparing for finals and they are weighing heavily on my mind. I find it interesting though not surprising how all consuming university can be. Especially the amount of interest and focus certain topics demand, that suddenly feel less important the moment the test is taken, the paper is written, or the semester is over.

The funct…