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Showing posts from December 4, 2011

The Challenge of Culling Books

  I have been trying to cut down on some of the books that I own.  I have A LOT of books and I would like to continue having LOTS of books, but I am trying to be realistic about how many books I can have and how many I will actually read. I have identified adult contemporary and historical fiction as being a little low on my reading totem pole.  I have decided to sort through those types of books and discard any of the ones I feel l am pretty unlikely to read ever/any time soon. Some books I know will be readily available in ebook format at the point in which I do decide to read them. Other books I know I will never read, that they were an error in judgment to get in the first place. A lot of time I am lured in more by the price of a book than by its contents.   Considering this there are still books I really feel like I want to read, but I need to get to them soon. So I have a pile of about 20 or so books that I am setting aside with the caveat that any that do not get read in

Reading in 2012

Every year as it draws closer to the next I start to reflect on what I have read and what I want to read. I always make a lot of goals but I am not very good at following through with them.  This year I am trying to make some easier goals that fall more in line with my natural reading, rather than expanding out to read something new.  In the past I have tried to read more book with characters from diverse ethnic backgrounds and while I now have used that experience to help inform future reading choices I don’t want to worry about focusing on reading a certain number of books in a year.  Also diversity is hard to find when it comes to science fiction specifically, there are very few books that really deal with race or show other cultures and it is even harder to know which ones those will be going into the reading.   This year I know I am going to be reading a few more fairytale retellings than I have in the past few years. This has been an interest of mine for a while, but recently

The Sunday Salon–Holiday Reading

    Well, I have had another bad reading week. Before this week I have been steadily reading and finishing books but I think Thanksgiving threw a wrench in everything and I haven’t quite recovered yet. As fun as it is to get together with friends and family during the holidays, it sure does cut into my reading time. We were out of town for a few days before Thanksgiving and I actually read more late at night while we were staying with family than I have since we got home. There is something about night in a quiet house that isn’t your own that makes you want to seek out comfort in a book.   When it comes to the holidays do you read different types of books? I think sometimes I am a little bah humbug about it all because I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to holidays. I don’t want a lot of what I am reading to reflect what is going on in my real life, though  I am considering reading Let It Snow if I have time before the end of the year.  I really feel the time ticking away