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Showing posts from February 26, 2017


I am thinking about coming back to blogging. I flirt with the idea often, I even flirt with actions of blogging. Writing and posting a piece thinking it is the beginning of my triumphant return but my resolve fizzles quickly.

For many years I was the same thing. A book lover, a mother, and a basic writer. I talked about my life and my limited number of passions. But in the past five years I have become many more things. I have become a business owner, a foodie, a student, and a better friend.

The internet has the unique ability to create community. It was this feeling of community that I could never find in the town where I live, or even the town where I grew up. Family and community have always been a kind of mystery to me. Growing up I struggled with friendships. The solitude of my youth was echoed by my inability to effectively interact and communicate in a group setting. Owning my dream business let me realize the opportunity for community in my own town and beyond the scope of the …