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Forkways #4: Mutating Interests

It is weird how subjects of interest move through me. I think for some around me it is even uncomfortable. Sometimes it feels like every week I am on to a new thing. Sometimes I am on to a new thing every week.
When I am researching something I have to make up these little rules to keep myself on track. Everything is so interesting to me. It can be particularly difficult to stay focused, even for something like a school assignment. One of the rules that I made for myself when I started studying food was that my primary interests had to stay within the scope of American continental history and stay within the geography of the United States as much as possible. This reasoning was twofold, 1. Because my language skills are terrible I knew that I would have more access to sources and documents of need and interest if I didn’t have to worry about the limit of foreign language and 2. Culture is much like language, sometimes it can be difficult to understand the nuanced perspectives of other…