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Showing posts from April 2, 2017

Reading Log - First Week of April

I have not made much reading progress over the past week. I have been jumping from book to book working on various research projects and chasing quotes. I managed to finish one more book for my yearly total. 14. Liar and Spy - Rebecca Stead Another great middle grade selection by Stead. I loved it and I was worried it could not compare to When You Reach Me. I am happy I had a few years between the two titles so I was less inclined to compare them. Currently Reading: I am still working on Omnivore's Dilemma the most because it has been assigned for school. The Ultimate Gullah Cookbook - I read this for my Festival of Excellence presentation. I have hauled it across the county a few times with the hopes of reading it. I am shocked at how much my own knowledge has transformed the experience of reading it. I restarted it from the first page.  I realized that I am in the middle of a bunch of cookbooks and pushing through them might bolster up my reading numbers so far this

SUU Festival of Excellence Gullah PechaKucha

Four semesters ago I returned to Souther Utah University to finish my undergraduate degree. I started on a new major. This time around I am a Sociology major and I am focusing on the topic of food whenever possible. Annually the school holds a conference where students can present the academic experience they have participated in. This year I had the opportunity to present on my work connected to a  series of trips I took to South Carolina. I chose to do a PechaKucha presentation to take advantage of the photos I took throughout my travels. What is a PechaKucha? It is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds in total). PechaKucha is a Japanese word that means chit-chat. The focus of this type of presentation is to simultaneously be less formal and present concise information. The hope is that a presentation like this can start a conversation. The following are the slides I used and the notes I wrote to accompany them.