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Lonnie Collins Motion

In Locomotion and it's followup Peace, Locomotion, Jacqueline Woodson creates an interesting character with a compelling back story. By reading Locomotion we learn though poetry the story of a boy who was orphaned. As Lonnie becomes more immersed in the world and creation of poetry his story emerges. It is less like a novel in verse and more like a collection of poems that loosely come together to give the impression of a story. I really enjoyed reading about Lonnie's journey through poetry.

Unlike Locomotion's verse style Peace, Locomotion is a series of letters. It was interesting to see the characters continue in a different format. At first, I definitely didn't like it. I really love the voice and style that Woodson had Lonnie write his poetry with. I felt like I connected with him and his writing. I had a hard time connecting with the letters, but slowly I got used to the change and really enjoyed the book. It was interesting to see how Lonnie's relationship w…