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Condor, Cindy Pon, San Diego

Today I am going to Condor. I made an unexpected trip to San Diego in order to be able to meet the AMAZING Cindy Pon. I haven't blogged yet about how much I loved Silver Phoenix, but know that I loved it enough to drive many hours (actually Mr. X is driving) in order to have Cindy sign my copy of the book. There were too many panels at this science fiction and fantasy convention to be able to pass up. I decided at about 4pm last night that we needed to be in San Diego by 11am.  Mr. X was apprehensive but we went for it. My main priority this morning is The Killer Bs plus V and L: Four greats of hard science fiction sound off - David Brin, Gregory Benford, Vernor Vinge, Larry Niven. Then a panel with Cindy and some signings.  I think this is going to be a blast and something you just need to fly by the seat of your pants.Even though I haven’t posted picture of LTUE, they will be up soon.  Also expect some pictures of Cindy and my review of Silver Phoenix. Silver Phoenix recently ca…
Please check out my dystopian mash-up over at Lenore’s blog.  Thanks Lenore for letting me stop by again.

Check Out My Guest Post

Today I have the pleasure of being a guest over at Dreams and Speculation where I am reviewing Orson Scott Card’s latest young adult fantasy The Lost Gate.
Thanks so much to TJ for letting my stop by and share my thoughts with her readers.

The Passage

When I first heard about The Passage this was the cover I connected with it. The cover is so stark and haunting to me. Knowing that the story is dystopic tells you already that there is nothing good in store for this girl on the cover.As a fan of dystpoian fiction, I am always on the lookout for new titles. I don’t care how dystopian they are, if they have one dystopic element they are usually interesting to me. Other than that one classification I don’t want to know anything else about the book before I read it. Once I have decided to read a book or see a movie I want to know nothing more than the information I needed to decide.So I was curious about The Passage merely on principle and the fact that one person somewhere suggested that is may be dystopian. Then people started reading it and I started hearing how bloated and LONG it was. I started to worry that it was a not a good book for me. And yet I was still curious. I don’t think I would be the first to admit that negativit…

Why Wither Is Fantastic

There are so many things to like about Wither, it is hard for me to pick just one.  One of the amazing things about it is THE COVER. I don’t even know exactly what it is that I like about it, but it has something to do with the colors for sure. The colors, the geometry, the dress!Wither is a young adult dystopian novel by Lauren DeStefano forthcoming from Simon & Schuster (March 2011).  And one of the fantastic things about the novel is its easy comparison with The Handmaid’s Tale.  Margaret Atwood’s novel is one of amazing balance and splendid storytelling and it was a joy to read a book that reminded me so much of it without trying to be the exact same book.  Wither, while playing on a lot of themes that are similar to contemporary dystopian novels, felt completely unique to me.  The novel deals with very intense and dark issues but DeStefano writes with such a delicate hand the book is verging on addictive.  I wanted to know what will happen next and felt a connection with the …