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Showing posts from April 11, 2010

Mr. X

Megan, you disappeared off the face of the Earth and abandoned James Dashner and all of your loyal readers. What happened?Well, faithful audience, I am not entirely sure what happened to me, but I blame Mr. X and maybe you should too.It seems like every spring or pre-spring time speeds up for me and I move through the world in slow motion. I get nothing done but the world races around without me. Days pass, then weeks pass, and it is months later and I am still sitting on the spot on the couch.It isn’t like I completely abandoned my life, but I definitely did not accomplish everything I wanted to for James Dashner month.  See after I asked my social life to calm down, well it kind of listened and I guess I wasn’t prepared for that so I started feeling really bored and set out to find my social life again.  I really want to thank all the great contributors to James Dashner Month. They really help the illusion that James Dashner is worthwhile in some way. I hope he wasn’t paying attenti…

South of Broad Blog Tour

We interrupt our regularly scheduled science fiction fare for something quite different. Something so momentous and so amazing it has been several years in the making.  Well, in all honesty, I am really just mixing metaphors for my own amusement.  Today I am bringing you into the world of my favorite author of all time.  I never really passionately held a strong belief in the writing talent of a single author until I read my first novel by Pat Conroy and became instantly enamored. It was as I was pouring through the open ing pages of Beach Music that I discovered in a single book all the things I loved about the English language and all the ways I wanted it to be used.Mr. Conroy writes these sweeping epics of family drama and love and loss in a way that makes my heart sing with the pure joy of reading the words. When I first read Beach Music I was feeling a little blue and looking for something to lift my spirits.  Beach Music is not a light romance like I was somehow expecting. It b…