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Showing posts from November 2, 2008

Topsurf Tuesday

So, topsurf has a blog now. We should celebrate. How?

I am going to tell all of you, and especially her to go out and read this book!
It is all about magic and the places you can go when you believe in it.

The Van Gogh Cafe by Cynthia Rylant.
Rylant has always been one of my favorite writers for kids. Have you read any of her books? What did you think?

Sometimes When It Rains

It Pours!

So, Megan, why aren't you posting? Well at first I was busy and not reading, and then I didn't feel like reading and then I was reading a got a computer virus and I am still running on a back up computer, which I call The Beasty Box because it is so slow. And then I got an ear infection and now I am not feeling so well again. On top of just the general slow down I get every winter.

So, what have you been reading lately? I have been working on a series of interviews Bill Moyers did with poets called Fooling With Words. I just started skimming it from the beginning again and exploring the poets a little more in depth and listening to interviews and stuff. Do you like poetry? Do you have a favorite poet?

(This entry was brought to you by my annoying friend Topsurf.)