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Forkways #15:

"I am obsessed with M F K Fisher.
The Gastronomical Me is such a foundational book as far as seeming to be about being food but actually about becoming a woman. I think that I am reading about pea soup on an ocean liner but I am in tears. Food is a metaphor for transportation."
- Stephanie Danler, interview
Fisher and Danler both write about food in different ways. Although Fisher is possibly one of the most influential writers about food, yet I find something about the way she write inaccessible. I think time has changed the role of women in food over the past twenty year, and especially in my own household.
At our house, my husband does most of the cooking. First of all he does it because he likes it. Second of all, especially a few years ago, he was the one who had time to put into shopping and meal planning. Third, I make huge messes when I cook. We constantly find the social expectations of cooking pressed upon us by friends and family. I am often ask if I cook as well, and…