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Forkways #22: Avocados

Today I started wondering, are there different types of avocados? There must be! The different names and varieties of single ingredients has been challenging when I try to study food. I have been working on building a food database on the origin of food items and any folklore that might be connected with it. But food is so much more transmutable than we give it credit for. Of course, we know these transmutations happen, that is part of the appeal!

The simple answer is YES! There are different kinds of avocados. Once I read an interview with a woman who was a turnip expert. I just though that was the coolest thing ever. Should I become and expert on avocados?

A cursory Google search provided me with a fascinating glimpse into avocado identification. "There are hundreds of types of avocados, but seven avocado varieties are grown commercially in California. The Hass variety accounts for approximately 95 percent of the total crop each year"

Visible variations in pit shape and side …