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Vampire Plagues: Book One

Whispers from Mexico of Gods that used to be. Do they still have power? "Oh, come, Miguel," Ben's father chided. "We are rational men. We don't believe--" "No, no one believe," Miguel interrupted angrily. "But this land belond to the old god. You think they go away because your missionaries say so? Oh, no! They wait. They sleep. But they still live! Read this review at Genre of the Month .

Thirteen What?

It has been a long, LONG time since I have done a Thursday Thirteen . I decided to give it another try again today after being disappointed with the questions for the last two weeks at Booking Through Thursday . So here it is. Thirteen books I was supposed to start/finish this month but never did. (Yes, I do feel like a failure, thanks for asking.) 1. Peeps by Scott Westerfeld - Vampire story I was really looking forward to reading for Genre of the Month . But when I went to get it out of the library it was already checked out. This will be getting read eventually. 2. Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery by Deborah Howe and James Howe - Vampire story again for Genre of the Month . I was trying to go with something a little out of the norm and fun. 3. The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor - I am struggling through the middle of this still. It was the book club pick for last month. (You see the words LAST month there???) 4. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak - I will be s

Teen Tuesday - Summer Dwindles

I love books. What? You didn't know that. Hope it's nice and cool under that rock. So, yesterday I am sitting at my computer and i hear a knock at the door. Of course this scares the crap out of me because no one ever comes to my door. I slowly walk to the door, I open it a crack and peek out...No one is there. I open it wider, still see no one. What do I see? This beautiful, worn, orangey-yellow envelope. What was inside? Admit it, you totally hate me now. Isn't that cover amazing? And I totally want to read it. Like, RIGHT NOW! But I can't, I have too many books I am in the middle of. I still am working on The Looking Glass Wars . At first I was loving it and now a little bit less so. Frank Beddor was at Comic-Con this week and gave a great sounding presentation on the the trilogy and its inspiration and all the work he put into it. I was really sad to have missed it. I love the concept of taking a new spin on Alice and her Wonderland, but I am hone

The Sunday Salon - Rainy Sunday

I am moving very slowly today, but the day seems to be moving very quickly. I have not blogged in what feels like an eternity. I got sick. And why is that when you get sick it takes longer to recover that the amount of time you were sick in the first place? I just came in from the rain with my daughters. I really do love the rain, but resent the humidity that lurks before it! Even the rain has not brought much relief. I have finally made some progress in my reading. I finished and much enjoyed Vampire Plagues and will be blogging about it more later! The book club for Good In Bed is going amazingly well. The participants are a bunch of beautiful and insightful ladies. I love it when we can all share out thoughts with each other. My final book news is that I have started and fallen in love with The Book Thief. Sorry to post just a glorified list of books recently read, but I figure that some blogging is better than no blogging. Are you putting off reading anything right now