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Showing posts from November 27, 2011

Virtual Advent - O Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is one the most standard traditions of Christmas. Yet, it is interesting to think about all the variations that each family can make on a single tradition. There are age old questions like real or artificial? When and how to decorate? What is the right size? Growing up I had the opportunity to see a whole variety of traditions even within a single Christmas.Christmas Tree Tradition OneAs a child we always had friends over while we decorated the tree. We would put on music and serve lots of great finger foods. For some people this may be more of a day spent with just family, but since it was just me and my mom we loved having everyone come over and visit.  My mom had about a million Christmas ornaments. Some I had made through various school projects over the years, some she had brought home from her travels in other countries, some were antiques, and other were gifts.  Every year we had a live tree. We would usually go to a tree farm in the next town over to cut dow…

The Sunday Salon–Books Glorious Books

Today I am examining myself as a reader and book buyer. I was thinking about writing a Sunday Salon post today since it has been a while since I contributed. Even though I am in the middle of a few good books I wanted to post about something with a little more substance. I didn’t have any ideas so I pushed the post to the back of my mind and got on with my chores for the day.
I am rearranging and reorganizing all the things in my family room. This room has become a bit of the junk collection room over the past few months. Also I have decided (for the first time EVER) that I have too many books and I need to get rid of at least SOME books. I already went through one book shelf on a surface level and boxed up some questionable purchases from my college years that were clearly not worth the time or effort any long.
What inspired this book culling? Even though I have long been AGAINST reading ebooks, I am now faced with the fact that I have well over 5000 books with more I want to read bei…