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Reading Log - Second Week of April

It may just be futile to do these reading logs because I do a few weeks and then never stick with it. But when I look back over the past years of my blog, these reading logs are some of the most helpful posts to remind me about events in my life and books that I read. When I met Mr. X, I know I was reading Elantris. And there are other events that I know are correlated with books I was reading. I think it might be weird to remember what book I was reading and not what year it was, but that is just the way my brain works.

At my bookstore we do not have computerized inventory system. I keep most of the books and authors in my head. I also keep a lot of the customers' names in my head. Both first and last because we have a trade system that is filed by last name. We have not computerized our trade credit either, to the amazement of most. (And our cash drawer has a little bell that chimes when we open it.) Often people ask me how I can keep track of everything. I am far from perfect,…