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Showing posts from February 8, 2009

Do You Know What Today Is?

So, I slept HORRIBLY last night. It just wasn’t good at all. Me and my two daughters were both up before sunrise and anyone who knows me understand that there is something seriously wrong with this situation. I am blaming the lack of worthwhile sleep on the fact that I did forget what day it was. Not the day exactly, but the DATE. Because what is today? February 10th, 2009? THE RELEASE DATE OF FADE !!!!!! So, you may have heard me mention Wake one or two times previously, considering IT WAS MY BEST YA BOOK OF 2008 . (You seriously NEED to read it. SERIOUSLY!) Since the moment I closed that back cover I have been waiting, and waiting, for this day. And it is here, and I am happy. (Well, not here at my house, but yeah, maybe someday, maybe someday soon, maybe not.) You want to know who else likely is pretty happy? LISA McMANN ! The ever wonderful author of these book. She wrote the first draft of Wake over 7 days, making her my current author hero to emulate as so

Lusting – Judging a Book By Its Cover

It seems that around the web we have all started to admit that is it okay to judge a book by it’s cover.  If you don’t recognize the author’s name, what other incentive do you have to pick up the book? The cover to This Is What I Want to Tell You definitely stands out.  This cover may be one of the most impactful ones I have ever seen.  Not only does it stick in your mind but it is easily describable to someone else. For me the cover is both scary and intriguing.  The idea of having my mouth covered with tape fills me with feelings of panic and claustrophobia. Yes, this person can easily breathe out of their nose.  But it still makes me freak out a little. The words This Is What I Want to Tell You only adds to the impact of the cover.  The title adds the mix of emotions that can be involved with holding information back.  You may feel that you forcibly need to hold the information back because it is so exciting or so shocking.  Or when the secret is something that scares you, i

The Sunday Salon - RADD

RADD = Reading Attention Deficit Disorder. Are you picking up new books even when you are enjoying what you are currently reading? Do you often forget which books you are in the middle of? Have you read more than 3 books in one day without completing any of them? Then you too may be a victim of RADD. What kind of treatment is there for this disorder? I have no idea!!! Last night I wanted to read some science fiction. Now that I am a fan it seems it is all I want to read. But the hard part is that my interest in science fiction is very specialized. And I am not even sure yet how to define it. I know that I am interested in dystopias and also I am interested in books that deal with technology in some way. But I am still in “try it” mode, to see which type of books I enjoy. Last night I tried A Great and Terrible Beauty , Thief of Souls , and Life As We Knew It . While they are all good and well written books, they just weren’t what I was looking for. The library has