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Showing posts from August 8, 2010

Universe 10 – Saving Face

When I bought  Universe 10 I just thought it was a genera collection of science fiction short stories. But after  looking it up I found out it was a series of story collections edited by Terry Carr. Though an author earlier in his career, Terry Carr was best known as an accomplished editor in his lifetime. I am planning on exploring various stories in the collection as a way to break back into blogging. (It seems I can never work consistently on my blog over a long period of time. But I keep on trying. Life always seems to get in the way.)The first story in the collection is by Michael Bishop entitled “Saving Face.” This volume of Universe was published in 1980 and Bishop’s writing had me pondering how to value these types of stories in terms of good writing.  Science fiction is often held apart from literature, and possibly rightfully so. Science fiction seems to be more focused on the exploration of speculation than the execution of the craft of writing. While it has made vast impro…

Have You Missed Me?

It is becoming just part of what I do. Blog for a bit and then disappear. Well, I’m back! And hopefully for more than a handfull of posts.Where was I, you ask? Well… Mr. X and I ran away to a little place called Poseyville. Besides Poseyville we went a few other places and bought a LOT of new books! I love book shopping.It was a great summer adventure.