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Excuses to James Dashner

Lately my life has been like the inside of James Dashner’s head, a big crazy mess. Wait, that came out wrong. Let me explain.On the outside James Dashner is about as boring as it gets. You don’t get much more accountant looking than this:But on the inside, James Dashner is brewing murder and mayhem. Therefore, I feel like James Dashner is plotting my death.No, not really.        Well, maybe…..What I feel like is this. I feel like on one side of the maze and my computer is on the other. I am trying to run from one side of the maze to the other as fast as I can. But instead of nefarious beasts chasing me, it’s people. NICE people. They keep stopping me and want to talk to me. Some might call these people friends. But these so called friends are impeding my progress through the maze, to the computer, where I can talk about James Dashner.Now,if James Dashner stopped me and wanted to talk, that would be awesome.  That would be welcomed. I could just replay every amazing moment of what happ…

Reasons Why – James Dashner Month Day 8

For James Dashner month I have been looking for guest reviews and posts about people’s experiences reading Dashner’s books. But when Pam said she hadn’t read The Maze Runner, I asked her to write a post on why not. Without further delay, here is Pam!Reasons why I have not read James Dashner1. I have this thing when books are wildly popular I become afraid to read
them. I feel that there has been so much hype then probably its over hype.2. I can’t help it. Sometimes I just look at a cover and it doesn’t speak
to me. It takes me longer to pick up these books. I recently read another
book where I disliked the cover immensely and it was one of my best reads
of 2009.3. I love dystopian books. The excerpt didn’t call to me.So there you have the reasons why I have not read James Dashner or Maze
Runner. Pretty silly reasons right? I almost passed on The Hunger Games
due to it’s popularity. That would have been a complete sin against book
blogger kind. Covers are a big…