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Showing posts from October 11, 2009

Currently Reading

Now that school has started for my kids I have found less time to read and without the internet at home, definitely less time to blog! I just updated my 100+ book list and am up to 147 right now. If you check it out you will see A LOT of audio recently.

Today I am at the library because a book I had on hold came in.


I know a million of you have read this already but I was late on the band wagon. Luckily my library has 4 copies of it and it only took me about a month to get the book. I can't wait to get home and start it. I am not a big fan of series. I hate to REQUIREMENT to read more books. Yes, there is an enjoyment to revisiting the same characters and stories that you love but it can get annoying waiting to find out what happens when you are reading a series while it is released. But despite that I am reading a lot of different series right now. In the past I have even avoid books that are the first in a series because I don't want the rea…