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Showing posts from December 13, 2009

2010 Reading Goals

Read ALL of Neal Shusterman's books, excluding Unwind and Everlost which I read this previous year. (At least ones I can easily access.) Read 5 classic science fiction novels: (tentatively) 1. Dune 2. Foundation 3. Minority Report 4. Martain Chronicles 5. 2001: A Space Odyssey Read 2 Classics: 1. The Bell Jar 2. Wurthering Heights Read 5 classice young adult novels: 1. Little Women 2. Wizard of Oz (suggestions welcome) Read 20 books released in 2009/2010 Read 10 books from the YA dystopian list Finish The Iron Heel Read Utopia and The Tempest

2009 Reading Goals

I have once again failed in my goal of having a more diversified reading list. I read about 95% YA which is the nighest percentage since I was in elementary school! I wanted to read more classic science fiction novels and I didn't finish very many. I wanted to read more classic YA and I read 2. Reading is so personal it can be especially difficult to set goals ahead of time. It has been effective for me in the past but it completely backfired this year. I did reach my goal to read 100 books twice over. That's including bother paper and audio books and even the occasional picture book. While I enjoyed reading that many books I don't think I could handle any more and really enjoy the experience. Even as it was I am not sure I did as much as I would have liked to. I did a horrible job blogging but also had little desire to. Blogging should fun and I try to remember that and not force myself to do it. Some of my personal goals were reached, like spending more time focused

The Sunday Salon - Not Reading in Dystopia

Lately I have just not been in the mood to read. And really I don't like the feeling. Sometimes I am okay with not reading and being busy and enjoying life. But there are too many things around the holidays to distract me. Also, my mp3 player broke and I used to listen to books while doing things around the house. I do keep picking up books and trying to read them, but I can't stay focused. I can feel my eyes trying to dart around the page. The library called with two books on hold I was really eager to read. I have been wanting to read Gone for a while and when it showed up on eldritchhobbit's list of young adult dystopias I knew I had to read it. The weird part is that we recently got the second book, Hunger at the library but we didn't have the first and I had to do an interlibrary loan. I HATE when the library has the second book in a series but not the first. The Hourglass Door was recommended to me by my librarian and is by a Utah author. I read just a fe