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Showing posts from May 2, 2010

Jawas Read Comics!

Hello Po(sey) Sessions’ readers! My name is Erika and I run a book blog called Jawas Read, Too. I’ve been asked to participate in this month’s Comic Book theme. Being a comic book fan, naturally, I accepted. I still consider myself new to comics, never straying very far from Star Wars or manga, but within the past few years that’s been changing. To celebrate that and help other new comic book readers navigate the complexities of series, publishers, writers, and artists, I decided the best topic for my discussion was Free Comic Book Day! Specifically, I’ve included a mini review of one of the comics I got for free over the weekend. I won’t go into a long account of the history of Free Comic Book Day (the official website does that beautifully). Instead, I want to begin by confessing something: I have never reviewed a comic book. I have never, in fact, reviewed anything that wasn’t a book. I feel a little out of my element. Bear with me while I attempt to make the best of it and talk ab…

Repost – My FAVORITE Actor

This is a repost of a blog I did about a year ago. I decided to repost it because I wrote this early on in my exposure to comic books and graphic novels and because, as you will read, it features my favorite actor of all time. When I told a friend I was reading Rumble Fish by S.E. Hinton, he brought to my attention that it was also a movie and the movie happened to have Nicolas Cage in it. I highly dislike Nicolas Cage and I think my friend likes to bring up his name as much as possible just to annoy me. (why would anyone EVER want to do that? He must have a death wish.)

But I actually appreciated it this time. It has been interesting to read about the movie in which Cage plays the minor role of Smokey Bennett. It was also brought to my attention that Nick Cage isn't Nick Cage at all, but Nicolas Kim Copula. I remember vaguely hearing in the past, since he is the nephew of Francis Ford Copula. Who happen to direct Rumble Fish and The Outsiders. Cage was asked to help out his uncle…