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Forkways #24: Gullah Agriculture

The Civil War’s Enduring Influence on the Gullah People
The end of the Civil War marks the beginning of isolation for the freedmen of the Sea Islands. The individuals emancipated from the coastal islands of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida are now called Gullah. During Reconstruction those on the Sea Islands rarely saw visitors imposed on their isolated space. Many of the residents would travel to the mainland to take care of various aspects of business, but few outsiders came to visit them. The survival of Gullah culture and language is fully dependent on the Civil War. It is a mistake to think of slavery as having a single origin point or homogenous experience from one slave to the next. Experiences of slaves on the Sea Islands, and throughout South Carolina, significantly differed from other slave experiences in the South. Gullah culture emerged from the interactions between Africans, African Americans, Native Americans, and Europeans combining different cultures, traditions, an…

Reading Log - February

February is a hard month for me. This year was better than most. I finished five books and I am happy with that. I spent a lot of time reading through Hippie Food because it had so much connection with the other research I have done in the past. The book was a really enjoyable read for me and opened me up to a lot of new information and directions for future research. I was hoping to be able to do a school project related to the book or research I have done on communal living, but so far there hasn't been a good fit.

I have started some research on the plants used for food by the Southern Paiutes in Southern Utah but it is a slow process. I hope to explore more on this subject soon.

7. Walden Two
8. The Punch Escrow
9. Hippie Food
10. Fish in a Tree
11. Granny Ting Ting

Currently reading:
Appetite for Change
Native American Food Plants
Strangers in Their Own Land

Home to start soon:
Kiss the Ground
Hillbilly Elegy