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Fun Friday

I made this video for a friend to show off my book collection. The description includes time references and the timer can be found on the player itself. Okay the video starts with a shot of my printer. This is a side view of the bookshelf as I see it from my desk. At second 3 I am am panning up the bookshelf to some hastily stacked books that were being sorted but got abandoned midprocess. The shelf is right next to the couch and I have to stand on the arm of the couch to access the books. By second 4 you start to see more of the books. I am focusing on showing you the outside of the books, the middle two shelves are double stacked. You can see a nice shot of that at second 7. Also you see the books going from the top of the shelf to the ceiling. Then wobbly cam and me trying to block bright sunlight from window with my hand. At second 12 I am disoriented from having my hand over the cam and not knowing where it was "looking." By second 15 I finally manage t

I Would Just Like To Take A Moment

And publicly congratulate my boyfriend on his American Idol win last night!

I'm Sendng You to Boarding School

Last month I read Looking for Alaska , and one of the reasons why I adored it was that it represented my high school experience more than any book I have ever read. You see, I went to boarding school. Now usually people think one of two things when they hear this. They think delinquent or they think snob. For years the first thing I was asked when I told people about boarding school was "What did you do (to get sent there)?" It didn't occur to people that you would go to boarding school to get a great education or to explore the Great Perhaps. People then ask me about uniforms (there were none) and if it was all girls (nope- that squashes a lot of male fantasies right there.) There were no shoulders draped with sweaters,no pipes, or tea, or other rich snobbish cliches. Unlike wisteria 's friend I didn't learn about drugs at boarding school. I learned about reading, writing, and learning. About the joy of research. (What can I say? I like it.) I learned about ac

Mix Tape Monday - Chelsea Edition

Chelsea is my blogger best friend and book loving cohort. Apparently she keeps her addiction in the closet. For this Monday Chelsea picked out her 5 favorite songs. We will get to those in a moment, first I wanted to know if she had been reading any good books about music lately. Here is what she recommends: Well, I read an ARC of Audrey, Wait by Robin Benway a few months ago and really liked that. And I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Stephanie Kuehnert -- it's about so much more than music, but it's a key factor. LOVED that one. Ooh, I read a book called Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning a whiiiile ago and remember liking that one, too. What about you bloggers out there, read any good books about music lately? A few months ago I read Getting Over Jack Wagner by Elise Juska. It is an absolute MUST for any music lover. Chelsea is a self proclaimed semi-hippy with an independent taste in music. Her interests are lyrically driven, but it has to have a good melody because she lik

The Sunday Salon

I have been spending this week in YA land. I love young adult literature and I always have. But it has gotten me wanting to go back to high school a bit. A lot of people wouldn't relive those years for anything, but I had a great high school experience. One of the things that I keep thinking about is how sometimes I wonder what it would have felt like to go to public school. I wonder how my experie nces would have been different. I loved going to boarding school and I wouldn't change it for anything. But there was definitely a level of freedom that I missed out on. What was your high school experience like? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Are you still in high school? E arlier in the week I finished Wake by Lisa McMann . The title is appropriate because I was up all night reading it. I just couldn't stop!!! This is Lisa's first novel and it is a huge success. Hopefully I won't be lazy and will post more about this book later but for now I just want