Fun Friday

I made this video for a friend to show off my book collection. The description includes time references and the timer can be found on the player itself.

Okay the video starts with a shot of my printer. This is a side view of the bookshelf as I see it from my desk. At second 3 I am am panning up the bookshelf to some hastily stacked books that were being sorted but got abandoned midprocess. The shelf is right next to the couch and I have to stand on the arm of the couch to access the books.

By second 4 you start to see more of the books. I am focusing on showing you the outside of the books, the middle two shelves are double stacked.
You can see a nice shot of that at second 7.

Also you see the books going from the top of the shelf to the ceiling. Then wobbly cam and me trying to block bright sunlight from window with my hand. At second 12 I am disoriented from having my hand over the cam and not knowing where it was "looking."

By second 15 I finally manage to get some books in the view. You are now looking at my massive stack of writing books. Yep the whole damn stack and that isn't even all of them.

Then at second 18 it sort of fades into darkness while I struggle to get the lighting right. By second 19 I have the lighting right and you can see the wood side of the bookshelf. In theory you can also see a few books sticking out, but they are mostly just a fuzzy slightly lighter place. Also it looks like there is a stack of books before moving to the next actual bookshelf. But those are not books. That is just a stack of stuff. Though some books are included in said stack.

This is my awesome bookshelf/TV stand. The top is all games. The books in the top 3 sections are all triple stacked. In the bottom sections around the TV they are double stacked.
Woah, woah. Get ahold of yourself there Megan.
Okay the bottom part has three sections like the top bit only one section has books which I am displaying for you at second 29. Those books are double stacked. AHHHHHHH! Seizure.

Okay now (second 33) you are looking through the door of this room, into the kitchen, through the kitchen, through the door to the OTHER side of the house. you can see a big green gap on the second to top shelf. Yes I know I do not have steady hands. And then I was trying to stop recording but couldn't manage to hit the bottom. If you get motion sick, just close your eyes.


  1. Oh my! That's a lot of!


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