Thursday Thirteen - Obsession

So, I was going to give my Thursday Thirteen all this deep thought and literary meaning, but well, I just can't muster it up. Why you ask? Well, I am not really sure to be honest. But here are 13 other things I am obsessing over, rather than making a meaningful and intellectual post. Obsession

1. Should I be worried this reminds me of my ex boyfriend?

2. Laundry
3. Doing laundry in public.
4. Not reading
5. Sitting here instead of going to get the laundry from public.
6. Margaret Atwood audio clips on her writing process.
7. Having to pay to do laundry.
8. Not having enough time to read all the books I want to be reading at the same time, right now!
9. Watchmen
10. Insanity of mother
11. Why can't insane mother go and do laundry in public?
12. I am now very curious about superheros.
13. Are there superheros that do laundry?


  1. When you get your laundry all done I have some here you can tackle, & you don't have to do it in public. :)

  2. 1) Yes. You should.
    2) Ick.
    3) Double ick.
    4) Don't have that problem here.
    5) Sitting's nice.
    6) I love learning people's writing process.
    7) Triple ick.
    8) OH I KNOW. I wish I had one of Hermione's time-turner things.
    9) ...
    10) =( I hope everything's going okay with that whole situation?
    11) Ditto.
    12) I had a dream about superheros last night.
    13) I don't know. Maybe there'll be one on the next season of Heroes.


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