Fun Finday - Party Time

Things are continuing to be busy for me. Today it is my youngest's birthday.Birthday parties are always a stressful time for me. This year we are doing a party in the park and I just finished icing the cake.
Rainbow cake with buttercream frosting and rainbow cupcakes with no frosting.
It is a very weird feeling to have my baby grow older.
My youngest is going to be...
Do you have any special birthday traditions in your family?


  1. Saw a photo of your cupcakes and they looked amazing. Happy Birthday to your youngest! Birthdays were always a big deal in my family growing up, it was your special day. It's still hard for me to let that go now that I am grown up. Thanks for giving me the reason to go back to those memories today. :D

  2. Birthdays are a huge deal in my family. Gorwing up, my mother always made our birthday cakes and I am trying very hard to continue the tradition for LW.

    Happy birthday to the littlest butterfly!

  3. Making the cake is one of the traditions I am really working on. They aren't as pretty on the table as they are in my mind and I haven't done it every year, but I try.

    Last year the youngest got a Shrek cake with brownie bottom, green cheesecake on top and then "mud." Which was a pudding frosting mixture. It was round and looked like a swamp if you squinted your eyes! I cut shrek out of something I found at the dollar store and frosting glued him to the back of the cake overlooking the swamp.

    Going the girlie route with a my little pony rainbow cupcake mountain based with a cloud covered buttercream rainbow cake was almost the polar opposite, though I heard it was very good.

    I, um, didn't try it. I don't like cake.


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