Sep 3, 2008

Post Because You Can

This week is just sliding by for me. Every day I intend to do a post and every day the bed needs me and there is no post done. I have quiet a few things floating around in my head, especially after an unexpected road trip down south and some quality time with NPR.

I had a really nice visit and enjoyed my driving time. Interestingly enough I enjoyed it more this time than I did last time even though I listed to audiobooks last time. (I left unexpectedly on a Sunday when the library was closed.) But the audiobooks seemed to make me very aware of how much time was passing.

I have this really annoying habit while traveling, it drives my (ex) husband crazy. I put the radio on scan and let it scan and scan until I find a song that I like. I found actually that the experience of the scanning itself is comforting to me, maybe it has something to do with my ADD. I would sting along to a song for the few seconds it was playing and then let it fade away when the channel changed. There isn't much to say in my defense. At least I was in the car alone and now you know better before you go try and marry me.

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