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The Sunday

I have been exploring a lot of new types of books and different genres for me lately. Not that long ago I read my first graphic novel. I also have been looking at science fiction fairly heavily. I always thought that I was not a fan of science fiction, I think in part because it is always lumped together with fantasy and I see them as one in the same. But I have loved dystopic fiction for years, yet it only occurred to me in the last year or so that most dystopic fiction falls under the category of science fiction.

Last year I decided to read CP's favorite book. It was my first conscious dip into science fiction. While I did not particularly enjoy Battlefield Earth, I do take a certain pride in having read it. It is also the longest book I have ever read.

I started asking for recommendations from friends on science fiction books. Many of the ones they mentioned were names and titles I had heard of. Some of them were even books I own. But I decided to start off on the slow side. Yesterday I posted the first part on my reading of "The Machine Stop." I thoroughly enjoyed my reading of it and cannot wait to explore it more.

Through Wikipedia I was able to better understand the depth of the genre and figure out which classifications of the genre interest me most. Classifications like Artificial Worlds and Robot Stories interest me more than Intelligent Animals.

One of the titles that I hear over and over is Ender's Game. I happen to have this on audio and I started listening to it. I am greatful this was the case because I am not sure I would have gotten into it if I was reading it on my own. In fact I find this with a lot of science ficiton. I struggle in the beginning with the new words and worlds and names.

I am currently reading The Green Book. I am not that far into it but I am enjoying it very much. The first line is, "Father said, 'We can take very little with us.'" Where are they going and why? This young adult novel is very slim and is a quick and easy read yet still highly enjoyable.

In the upcoming weeks I have committed myself to read two science fiction short stories called The Last Question and Paladin of the Lost Hour. Have you read these or would you like to? I invite you to read them with me and share your thoughts.

What is your favorite genre?
What science fiction books do you recommend?


  1. The first book I read was Glory Lane by Alan Dean Foster (back in the early 90s) and after I finished that book I knew that I wanted to be a writer. There was something about that book that was so entertaining to me (and inspiring). I still have it on my bookshelf.

  2. As you know, I love both SF and fantasy. I'll try to limit myself to just a few recommendations. I think that Ursula K. LeGuin's The Lathe of Heaven is brilliant. I also love China Mountain Zhang, by Maureen F. McHugh, Ammonite, by Nicola Griffith, and all of Ray Bradbury's short stories.

  3. I first got heavily into sci fi when my aunt took me to see Blade Runner and gave me a copy of Neuromancer when I was 10.
    It was a pretty easy transition from being a big fantasy fan, and actually lent a lot to my tech nerdiness today... Very thankful she did that for me.

  4. I enjoy Science Fiction but it is not my favorite genre to read. However I will check out those books you have mentioned, I'm always up for something different to read.


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