Oct 9, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Excuses

Thirteen reasons
I haven't blogged this week.

1. New poetry blog

2. Story time at the library.
Best book read:

Fall Is Not Easy

3. 5 year old got her own
library card
. We have been
making good use of it

4. Too many post ideas but not
time or the inclination to
them. They are just
floating there,
in my head.

5. I have mostly only been
picture books and


After getting A Bad Case of
as a reading book from
school, 5 year old decided it
was the BEST BOOK EVER! It
needs to be read at least 3
times daily, and there are a lot
of words on each page.

7. My 5 year old locked me/us
out of my bedroom and I do not
have access to my current book
selections. I had to sleep in
the basement on the spare bed,
instead of in my own last night.


9. Too much house cleaning that
should be getting done and
my lack of blogging,
still isn't.

10. Meals to cook. The horrid
life of
being mommy!

11. archive.org
Searching for interesting
Especially regarding

12. The Writer's Almanac

Music Playlist
at MixPod.com

13. General existence of kids.
tend to be a constant
distraction and

What accomplishments did you
postpone this week?

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  1. Ha! I love all of those excuses oh I mean distractions! Especially the PLURK one!

  2. Not fair, using Plurk as an excuse, LOL. Locked out of your bedroom, that's a good one.

  3. A Bad Case of the Stripes is one of the best books of all time. His David books are awesome too. Plurk is always a good excuse, it's a vacuum.


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