Nov 24, 2008


I am so lucky today. Why? you ask. Well, 5 boxes of books greeted me at the front door. And what was in one of those boxes? THIS...

Now let me just say, I LOVE THIS COVER. I don't know why, but I do. Maybe the millions of stars. (Did you guys see the two planets up there last night. Thanks to my boyfriend who made me aware of them!) So, I decided just to peak in and take a little look. This is what I found:
"My parent's Ford wagon hit a concrete divider on U.S. 95 outside Biddeford, Maine, in August 1990. They'd driven that stretch of highway for maybe thirty years, on the way to Long Lake. Some guy who used to play baseball with Pop had these cabins by the lake and had named them for his children. Jenny. Al. Tyler. Craig. Bugs. Alice and Sam. We always got Alice for two weeks in August, because it had the best waterfront, with a shallow, sandy beach, and Mom and Pop could watch us while they sat in the green Adirondack chairs.

We came up even after Bethany had gone, and after I had become a man with a job. I'd go up and be a son, and we'd all go back to our places and be regular people."


  1. I may need to pick that one up - just on the cover alone

  2. I wish I had a few boxes of books waiting for me when I got home. You are a lucky one aren't you.

    Sounds like an interesting book.

  3. Fantastic book, but you already knew that I thought it was. I woke up to you in my rss this morning and that was a nice surprise for me! Believe it or not I bought that book in a bargin book store at the beach. That book store is one of my favorite all time book stores because I always find a hidden gem such as that one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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