Nov 2, 2008

Sometimes When It Rains

It Pours!

So, Megan, why aren't you posting? Well at first I was busy and not reading, and then I didn't feel like reading and then I was reading a got a computer virus and I am still running on a back up computer, which I call The Beasty Box because it is so slow. And then I got an ear infection and now I am not feeling so well again. On top of just the general slow down I get every winter.

So, what have you been reading lately? I have been working on a series of interviews Bill Moyers did with poets called Fooling With Words. I just started skimming it from the beginning again and exploring the poets a little more in depth and listening to interviews and stuff. Do you like poetry? Do you have a favorite poet?

(This entry was brought to you by my annoying friend Topsurf.)


  1. Hope life calms down a bit soon! Maybe you won't have to use the beasty box for much longer.

  2. Sounds like you and your computer are trying share a virus. Hope things settle down for you. No favorites, love them all.

  3. Yay!! You are finally back! Sorry about the bumps in the road and yes I love poetry and I am having a hard time finding the "right" book for me to dive into (as you know). My Dr. Suess a poet? j/k So many poets so little time, I love Kipling and Dickinson to name a couple.

  4. I hope your life calms down soon...I've missed your bloggity updates...Happy reading sweetness.



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