Happy Wednesday!!!

What’s great about Wednesday? Nothing exactly, except that I am attempting to blog again.  And about 7 hours later than I intended at that.  So, were you wondering if I feel off the face of the earth? Well, in a way, I did.  Or, at least, my mind did.

My thoughts have been majorly absent as I have suffered through a case of what I fear to be The Consciousness Plague.  What’s that?  The Consciousness Plague is a book by Paul Levinson and involves a fairly nasty but seemingly run of the mill cold.  Well this cold I have had has been nothing but run of the mill, much like what the consciousness plague ends up being.  My brain has been fuzzy for over two weeks.  I have been able to attain the minimal amount of functionality.  This included mostly parenting duties and some reading.

I am only 50 pages into The Consciousness Plague and I have been for a while.  I have really been enjoying the book, but have had a hard time finding time to read it along with everything else I am trying to get to.

Today I have managed a moderate amount of functionality in mostly small spurts.  My goal was to have this post up in the morning and have my much much belated follow up Writer’s Studio post with Kelly Parra up in the early afternoon.  But you may have noticed that early afternoon has since come and gone.

So, I guess just look for that. This post was supposed to have more content, but the Plague is taking over!!


  1. Aww, feel better soon, please! We miss your presence on the blogging scene. :)

  2. I'm happy to see you blogged again. I miss not seeing you around. I hope you are back to your old self soon!


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