I know I have been quiet for over a week AND that my contest has ended and I haven't announced the winner. I have been quite under the weather with the horrible cold/flu thing and can't must much of anything. There were TONS of entries into the contest and thanks to everyone who helped promote it. Unfortunately it will still be a few more days until you will be hearing about a winner.

I also have to apologize to Kelly Parra for not getting the second part of her Writer's Studio post up. Look for that soon!

I am also behind on all my review books and my feature YA author. Catherine Ryan Hyde's feature will be extending into next month! If there's anything me!


  1. Yeah... I had that awful cold/flu thing. Could barely get out of bed - it sucked. Hope you get better. :)

  2. Aw, feel better! Being sick is no fun, especially when it just won't go away as fast as you want it to!

  3. get well, been down myself. great blog by the way.


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