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The Fine Line

It is extremely hard to explain but while I love science fiction, I really struggle reading fantasy. Therefore I prefer science fiction to have as few fantastical elements as possible. When people are recommending books to me they find this line very confusing. Many can't understand how I can love one genre and practically refuse to read the other. There are many elements of fantasy I really enjoy but I just struggle to read about them. I find myself unable to be immersed into these unknown worlds.

I have read Ender's Game and enjoyed it but did not love it. It was suggested to me later that Card's writing is more on the fantastical side and considering my preference they were not surprised to find I wasn't eager to read more books in the series. I am going to read them some day, just not in any rush.
I have the same issue with Westerfeld's Midnighters series. It is more fantasy baed than science fcition. I have only read the first book in the series and I did enjoy but didn't LOVE it. I have the second book and will read it at some point, just not a point that is soon.
And then ther eis the god humself, mortal know him as Neil Shusterman. Sadly I have still only read on Shusterman book in full but it was one of the most amazing books I have ever read in my whole entire life. Unwind is a master piece that should be read by everyone! I have also started a lot of his other books and love dthem all. Neil personally recommended I read Everlost next. Have you read it?


  1. That book is being nominated for my state's "Beehive" award, the state's highest award for children's literature. It is on my list to read because I've heard some great things about it.

    So, you like it more if you can understand the "fantastical" elements? I would love to hear more about this topic.

  2. 今年のクリスマスも後少しですね。グリー内でもクリスマスに備えて異性と交流を持つコミュニティが活発で、自分も今年のクリスマスにお陰で間に合いました!!みなさんもイブを一人で過ごさなくても良いように、グリーで異性をGETしよう


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