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So far this year I have read 172 books! I most recently finished City of Ashes, the 2nd book in the Mortal Instruments series. I know people are crazy for this series and I see why it has mass appeal. But for me, the books are just okay. They have unique elements and a plot that pushes you forward wanting to know what will happen next.

But back to the issue at hand:
Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld -

Though a fairly quick read with some interesting elements, I don't particularly like the voice or style of this book. The illustrations are great though and I do plan on finishing it.

I do love the cover as well. While I like the concept of the steampunk subgenre I have found I don't particularly like reading it.

Have you read Leviathan yet?

Stolen Voices by Ellen Dee Davidson -
AMAZING!!!!! I found out about this book through a FABULOUS list of young adult dystopias that you totally need to check out. Stolen Voices is exactly my type of book. I am not particularly far into reading it but I can day that it is some sort of future civilization which uses masks as a sort of government control.

"'An evil man came to power. He discovered a way to condense the clashing noises and used them for destruction....In desperation, Noveskinians turned to one man who offered a solution, the Masker. Using the Masks, he united their voices into the one song, one voice'"

Neuromancer by William Gibson -

This is the third or fourth time I've tried to read this and every time I have had the same reaction. TOO CONFUSING!! I have tried both paper and audio version and this time I am trying a NEW audio version. I really want to get through this piece of science fiction. So many people have told me to read it. It is just extremely frustrating to be struggling through it.

I decided I am going to try both audio and paper combined now and went and grabbed the copy from the library again.

What are you reading?
What do you plan to read next?

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