Dec 12, 2009

Top Ten Dystopic Novels

1. We
2. 1984
3. Anthem
4. The Giver
5. The Declaration
6. Diary of Pelly D
7. The Compound
8. Uglies
9. Little Brother
10. Brave New World

What books would make your list?


  1. 1. The Day of the Triffids
    2. The Giver
    3. The Gone series
    4. The Chrysalids- John Wyndham is a very underrated author. Wrote at the same time as H.G. Wells and was actually better!
    5. Battle Royale
    6. Candor
    7. The Maze Runner
    8. The Hunger Games
    9. Genesis
    10. The Forest of Hands and Teeth

  2. GREAT LIST!! I just listened to The Chrysalids on audio this year and I LOOOOOVED it. So I really want to read more by Wyndham, and I totally agree that he in under-rated. You need to stop by and do a guest post on him for me or something!

    I really want to read some of the books on your list. But no adult books?

  3. Well #1 is an adult book. It I made a strictly adult dystopian title list I would also include 1984 and Fahrenheit 451. Oh and Planet of the Apes which is nothing like any of the movies.


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