Happy Doubly Delayed New Year!!

Yep, so this is how it works, we are pretending the last week totally didn't happen and I am RIGHT on schedule. That okay with you? Gooooood!
Now it is time for the Doubly Delayed Happy New Year!

I already posted some goals for 2010, so you have some idea of what's in store for this year. But in case you missed it, there is going to be LOTS of dystopia and science fiction bouncing around. In honor of this new focus I am unveiling my new blog design! Yay! I am also planning on reviewing more now than I ever have before. I have never considered myself a book reviewer, more an explorer of books. And while I do still hope to look at books in my own unique way, I want to be more diligent about doing a bit more of a review style.

Also upcoming will be my saunter into a college dystopian literature syllabus. I picked this course over some of the others that I found because I will only have to reread one book. I also desperately need to finish The Iron Heel and hopefully this will force me to get that done.

Previous to starting this I am hoping to read Fahrenheit 451 for the first time and to reread 1984. I was supped to read Fahrenheit 451 last year; I PROMISED myself I would. but that didn't happen. And though I am disappointed, I am trying to look and move forward.

I will not be getting a laptop as soon as I had hoped but I am trying to work out more stress free ways to blog rather than cramming it all into one library visit.

Are you planning on doing anything new in 2010?

I hope your New Year is filled with many blissful things and many blissful books.


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