James Dashner Month – Day 4 – Guest Review

tn Last night Kristi of The Story Siren fame hosted in impromptu chatzy and I had the pleasure of bestowing my unique personality on some new victims. Among them is my new biggest fan, who proclaims me as “weird” on twitter. And who is this mystery person? Shanyn from Chick Loves Lit! So head on over there and giver her a follow. She told me that her husband confiscated The Maze Runner before she ever got to read it. He did a guest review on HER blog and now he is appearing on mine, even though he doesn’t know it. Really, this guy is clueless!

Dang, look at the freaking cute couple!

Day 3 Day 4 (yeah, I can't keep track)

Guest Review by Steve:

9780385737944 This original sci-fi-ish fiction novel was great. A community of children are stuck inside a maze and are put through a series of trials as some part of a large experiment which could affect the entire human race. I don't know if it's just the whole children against adults/world disaster plotline (Ender's Game anyone, c'mon people?!), or if I just like kids who aren't afraid to take on adventure, either way, this book and me click.

After a slow start to the book, you begin to appreciate the main character Thomas and his special set of skills. Once the book really gets going, the rest is a speedy downhill sprint. I couldn't wait to figure out more about the setting and background, the newly introduced characters, or what was going on behind the scenes in the world outside the maze.

While this was not the "BEST BOOK EVAR!!1!" it was quite good and definitely worth a read if you like adventure, sci-fi, young adult books, or ponies. I may have made the ponies part up, whoops. Also, the word on the street is that this is book one of a trilogy. Woo, woo. Double also, I see that Shanyn is using a points scale for her reviews!! I love points; here is my own scale for The Maze Runner:

Book Cover: 4 - ugly much?

Book Title: 7 - accurate-ish.

Plot: 9 - adventure + ponies! (yes, the ponies still aren't real)

Characters: 10 - Thomas.

Ending: 8 - only cuz now I can't wait for the next book! (coulda been a 9)

Overall: 8 - great book.


Steve, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. It is interesting that you bring up Ender’s Game because James Dashner says he was very influenced by Card’s writing and I would not be surprised if he meant that book in particular.

Steve says that the cover of The Maze Runner is ugly. How do you feel about it? I have actually always kind of liked it. i am not exactly sure why. I am curious what Steve found ugly about it.

So, yeah. This was awesome!


  1. Ha, a couple comments if I may Ms. Po!
    -I'm not totally clueless, just not quite as blogtastic as you or Shanyn :p .
    -Agree about the cute couple part.
    -That cover was rated a 4/10 because it IS ugly. The typography is fine, but the rest? Meh. Once you've read the book you might appreciate it a bit, but it does nothing to draw readers in.
    -Last, but certainly not least, thanks so much for the guest blog spot and the inside info on Mr. Dashner :D .
    Steve from http://www.chickloveslit.com/

  2. I liked the cover...even more so after I had read the book.
    James released the UK cover of The Maze Runner a couple of days ago. I actually liked it more than the US version :)

  3. Well done Thuy, I was actually just about to come back and post that link: http://jamesdashner.blogspot.com/2010/03/uk-cover-for-maze-runner.html .
    Now if you want a cover that draws you in and has significance that deffo does it for me. UK cover rating 9.5/10. Why only 9.5? Cuz that little dude running in the middle of the cover looks slightly awkward, amiright?
    Steve from http://www.chickloveslit.com/

  4. I didn't think that the cover was that bad. The UK cover is nice, but I think that it might actually turn me off because it makes it look more like a thriller, and I tend to shy away from those. But yes, the UK cover does look better in general.

    I enjoyed the plot of the book and the main character was interesting, but could have lived without the slang. That being said, I'm really looking forward to a sequel.

  5. I like the cover fine. Mostly because there is a lot of green, which is my favorite color.

  6. I HATE the cover. I liked it better after I read the book, but I still think it's icky. It's not very clear and it almost makes it look self-pubbed.

  7. I agree with Steve. I really really dislike the cover. It has nothing to catch my eye.

  8. I love the ponies part. Haha. I liked the conversational tone of this review like we were sitting down for a chat. I agree that the cover is not that great, but it is not on the ugly side either. There are some very ugly covers out there in the world.


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