The Sunday Salon – WOW I Read a Book

The Sunday

Mind you, I didn’t finish it. BUT I READ A BOOK WITH PAGES and not just an audiobook. I don’t know why reading has been so hard for me lately, beside the fact that I have an overwhelming social life. What is up with that?

first of all, I do realize that it is not Sunday. Second of all, I wrote the majority of this on Sunday but I didn’t post it, because I didn’t and I suck.

So, speaking of social…today I went and saw She’s Out of My League. Which I thought was FUNNY. And my date thought was "meh, ok.” Apparently not enough male shenanigans for him. But this post isn’t about movies, this is about me reading a book.

What book did I read? Cell by Stephen King. And why did I read this? Because Sharon recommended it AND did you know that Stephen Kind is one of JAMES DASHNER’S favorite authors? Well, probably, but I am telling you again because I wanted to read an author that has influenced Mr. Dashner.

king I only read about 40 pages in a large print book. I have decided that I LOVE large print books because it makes me feel like I can read really fast. But I am not really far enough into the book to know what it is about. But apparently cell phone use turns us all into zombies and maybe that is too close to reality to actually admit out loud without being personally insulting.

It is interesting to think about people not having cell phones and how much more uncommon that is now than it was 5 years ago.

Are you a zombie?


  1. I stole this from my aunt and started reading it, but the wench stole it back before I finished. The nerve, man. What I read, though, I liked. There was a scene involving zombies and a garden that I still remember, a couple years later.


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