Have You Missed Me?

It is becoming just part of what I do. Blog for a bit and then disappear. Well, I’m back! And hopefully for more than a handfull of posts.

Where was I, you ask? Well… Mr. X and I ran away to a little place called Poseyville.


Besides Poseyville we went a few other places and bought a LOT of new books! I love book shopping.

It was a great summer adventure.


  1. Welcome back. Can't wait to hear about what books you got. I did a bunch of books shopping too but they were all text books. :)

  2. Thanks! Unfortunately I had to leave some of my books behind for delivery later. I am so tired the books I did bring are still in the back of the car. Hopefully I find the energy to dig them out soon.

  3. I have missed you! Come by and check out Dystopian August :)

  4. It's good to see that you're back! Your summer adventure sounds like fun!


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