Why Can’t I Finish a Book? Part 2

UPDATE FROM PART 1: Nope, didn’t finish a book yet, here’s hoping. But I did find my copy of Never Let Me Go so here’s hoping I get it finished soon.


About a year ago I was taking a looking at female science fiction authors. And really there are not as many as you might think. You can probably think of a few off of the top of your head, but when you try and push further you find that is all you got. At least that is what happened to me. But it was in my search for great science fiction by a female author that the name Sheri Tepper came up. There seemed to be  some dispute about the quality of her writing, but most agreed that Grass was a masterpiece. And so far it has not disappointed.


Grass is the book I am the closest to being finished with. And with my inability to finish any books lately this is quite encouraging.


I am working on this book through audio and though the narration is good, I would not recommend listening to the audio version of the book.


The world and characters of Grass are quite dense and it was extremely difficult for me to keep track of everyone and everything. I still feel that even though I am being attentive I am really missing a lot of the story. I definitely want to read this in paper some day but I am also really looking forward to that because the story has so much depth.


It is my hope in just a day or two more this book will be on my completed list! It will be a big triumph for me. But will another book get finished first?


Catherine Fisher’s Incarceron is a book that has been on the top of my wishlist for a WHILE. It’s young adult, it’s dystopian, it has an amazing cover. And people keep recommending it to me. I have thought about buying it a few times or taking it out of the library, but the timing has never been right.


Last week I decided I couldn’t wait the anticipation and decided to try it on audio. I thought this would be a profound moment for me. But, it ended up being a big mistake. Once again the timing wasn’t right.


I totally could not connect with the audio at all. i found it confusing even after trying to listen to it 2 or 3 times over. Also certain audiobooks are just easier to zone out and this one just happens to be one of those.


I really want to read this again so I am thinking that if I ever get another book finished I may try this one in paper or on the Nook.



Speaking of the Nook, on Mocckingjay release day we could not find a single copy in my town. So Mr. X got me the ebook and handed over the Nook for a few days.

But again things got unfortunate when Mr. X had to go home and I hadn’t finished Mockingjay yet. It will be interesting to see how this series ends, but for some reason I am not that into it. Over the past weekend I went to Mr. X’s house and got close to finishing the book but again had to turn the Nook over to its rightful owner on my way out the door.


Are there any books that you are struggling to finish? If a book actually gets finished I am going to have one heck of a celebration. Hope you will come back and celebrate with me.



  2. I thought that Grass was one of Sheri Tepper's good books, but my favorite of hers is The Gate to Women's Country.


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