Scholastic Book Fair – Day One Favorites

I am sitting here at the book fair before another long day of work. We are having a very successful book fair so far this time and it is really exciting to see people buying books for their children.  I just wanted to write a quick post talking about some of our best sellers.  One of the best thing about book fairs is being exposed to new books and having conversations with other book lovers.


One of our teachers loves the Missing series and we have been able to use her endorsement to sell quite a few of the books in the series. The Scholastic book fair has the first three books in this series all in hardback. People seem to be


excited about buying them, but also about sharing the experience of reading with others. I haven’t gotten to read Found yet, I have been wanting to and this book fair has made me even more eager to do so.  Haddix is a really popular author around here and we spend a lot of time recommending books that aren’t even available at the book fair.


Of course I have been pushing The Clockwork Three by local author Matthew Kirby so we are sold out of those. It is nice to see that people are interested in the books I have to share with them.

I adore the cover to this book. The Scholastic book fair edition doesn’t have the three characters on the front. I think I like this other cover a little better, but the artwork is striking on both covers. Today we even brought in an article about the author and how he came to write the book.  Haven’t had a chance to glance at it yet, but hopefully I will soon.


Every year we have a new “There was an old lady who…” book out. At first I thought they were cute but they are getting kind of old to me, but not for the other people around here. There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves has been flying off the shelves. I can see the appeal of teaching with these kinds of books, but I am not dying to have them for my personal collection. I like the type of books that you can sing rather than read. My girls really love it when I sing them books. But it seems like the more Old Lady books there are the more lax they get about making the words fit into the original tune.  Do you like these kinds of books?



Do you know what scanimation is?  Even though one of my daughters got Gallop for their birthday, I did not know the moving images within had a special name. The best thing about Gallop is how durable the scanimation is to prying little fingers. Well, we have an amazing book at the fair this year and the expense isn’t keeping people away! “Twas The Night Before Christmas is our new holiday themed scanimation book. Unlike Gallop, this book has colored scanimations. The book is $18 but still flying off the shelves. People seem so excited to buy it that the price isn’t concerning them at all.


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