Stuck in the Middle Again

I am once again stuck in the middle of several books. Some of them are even the same books I was in the middle of last time this happened. I definitely need to schedule myself some computer free reading time from now on.  I have too many books I want to read, too many reviews I want to write, too many challenges I want to participate in.


I have been doing a lot of book lists to see what I have been reading and what I should be reading. Here is one I write a few weeks ago.

  1. Rae by Chelsea Swiggett (currently reading) FINISHED
  2. Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
  3. The Dead Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan (started)
  4. Book I haven’t finished yet (Cherry Heaven, Never Let Me Go, The Iron Heel) FINISHED Never Let Me Go
  5. Grimspace by Ann Aguirre (need to track down)
  6. Perdido Street Station by China Miéville (audio, saving for steampunk challenge starting Oct. 1)
  7. Incarceron by Catherine Fisher (started)
  8. Epic by Conor Kostick
  9. Exile by R. A, Salvatore (audio)
  10. The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi (group read/steampunk, waiting until Oct. 1)


I still really want to read most of these books I have not made process in any of them besides finishing Rae. In the next few days I really want to finish Matched and Hunger, both dystopian YA. I would like to finish Mississippi Trial, 1955 and The Clockwork Three, both by Utah authors.  And there are many more books I would like to be starting and challenges I would like to be working on.  Like before I think that getting a book finished will really help motivate me some, unlike before I am not in a rut, I have just been super busy. It is up to me now to find the time to read even though my life is busier than ever before.


Do you have to set aside time to read or does it just fall naturally into your life?


  1. I have a bunch of books hanging around half-finished too! There comes a point when I just set them aside and say they're "on hold," meaning I still want to read them but at a later point.

    As for reading time, I always read before bed, and I always have a book with me when I might have to wait for something. Other than that, I just read whenever I have spare time.

  2. I read whenever I can. In the car (since I'm not driving), in the gym, while getting ready, the moment I wake up, before I sleep. I guess it's an automatic instinct for me now since I feel the need to lessen my TBR pile. I still do set aside time to read some weekends but for the week, I steal time and read whenever I can.

  3. So many great books in that stack! I don't usually need to set aside time, since I don't have too many demands once I get home (either that, or I ignore those demands...laundry? Who needs clean clothes.) Fun to find another Utah blogger!

  4. I definitely have to set aside time because my family responsibilities keep me so busy. But if there is down time I will grab a book.

    I hope you have more luck with your reading soon!


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