The Sunday Salon– Animal House

Well, I am extremely pleased with the events of my weekend. Besides an unfortunate migraine or two, it was all pretty amazing.  I had a very busy week at the school working on my reading program.  The Accelerated Reader program is finally off the group and people are starting to get excited about it.  All last week and this upcoming week I am going into the classrooms and reading the students How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World.



This book is absolutely adorable, ties in with our theme for the year, and has an AR quiz.  The kids seem to be enjoying sharing it with me.  I am starting to build a relationship with them and many students will come up to me and tell me what they are reading or how many points they have earned.  After prepping and distributing all the supplies and reading to 7 classes I was ready for a relaxing weekend.


Well, relaxing wasn’t really what I got. On Saturday I got up early to go to a swap meet. It was a blast, but it meant that I didn’t get to sleep in.  Later in the day I also went to the pet store and got a free kitten.



I would like you to meet Murray. He is a 2 month old alien/yodaish looking kitten that looked very lonely all by himself at the pet store and therefore needed to come home with me.   Mr. X named him Murray after one of the characters in Flight of the Concords.


I am not exactly sure what I was thinking but now that Murray and the other animals are having a hard time adjusting to each other at 3am, I am pretty sure this wasn’t a good idea.


You see, Murray isn’t the first pet I have gotten recently.  It seems that getting second hand pets are a bit of trend for me. 


My daughters have been begging for a kitten ever since the new pet store opened and Mr. X took them in there and mentioned that maybe we should get a kitten.


I have been wanting an orange kitty for about 3 years now.  So I finally told the girls that if they had an orange kitty at the pet store we could take it home. We checked a couple of times, but no orange kitty.  Until Murray of course.  But here’s the thing…


Meet Milo.  I brought him home from my ex’s house last Sunday.  Here we are in the car driving home.  I went to pick up my daughters after their time with their dad and a little kitten greeted me at the door.  Milo, you might not be able to tell from this angle, is a very handsome cat.  He has some amazing markings.  Ends up he was looking for a new home, so we decided to try him out.


Here’s the thing though…. a few months ago I got a call from my ex offering me this little critter.P1012379





Meet Coco a one year old miniature lab mix.  She is a bit of a trouble maker but pretty good as long as I keep  an eye on her.  My ex had gotten her as a puppy but realized he couldn’t give her the kind of attention she needed.  So she came to live with me.  How could I say no? Otherwise the girls would lose their puppy.



Coco came to live with me and a grumpy guy named Guss.


The interesting thing about Guss is that he is a white cat.  You can see that clearly from this picture of him!


Okay, you can’t see it clearly, but really he is a white cat with black stripes, you can see some of his white under fur on his neck.  Guss is one of the most grumpy cats you will ever meet.  He hates other animals, so how do you tink he is feeling right now?


It may not surprise you that a few years ago I got a call from my ex saying that Guss wasn’t getting along with the rest of his animals and would I want him.  I left it up to the girls and they said they wanted him to come live at our house with me.  After all that though, he seems almost content to have all these visitors here now.  He reminds them to stay out of his way, he likes keeping to himself.


A few people asked to see pictures of my new kitty, so I thought I would share with the class. Milo and Murray have been fighting all day, but finally they are curled up quite near each other.  Murray doesn’t not like to be alone, up until now he has been curled up on me the whole time. 


In  the middle of all of this I have been reading Wither by Lauren DeStefano.  It has been a great treat to get the opportunity to start this YA dystopian novel before its release date.  I have been eager for it since I first heard about it and so far it isn’t disappointing.  Isn’t the cover amazing? And the concept is unique and I am curious to see where the book and the rest of the series will go.


The best thing about Wither is that it reminds me of one of my favorite dystopian novels of all time, The Declaration by Gemma Malley.  Yet it goes in a totally different direction.  I hope to find plenty of relaxing time to read as much of Wither as I can.


What have you read or will you be reading this weekend?  Are you starting to think about getting reading done for the end of the year? Do you have any challenges you still need to complete?


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