Book Wish List

One of the best things about Christmas is telling everyone about all the books that you want and having it be semi reasonable that a few actually make it your way.  I am trying to do a really light Christmas this year.  My girls will be spending the holiday with their father and I don’t think it is good for them to be swimming stuff after we double up on the holiday.  So I have decided to make the best of the pre holiday time and get them just a few gifts.  I have also told Mr. X that I am not planning on exchanging gifts with him.  We will be getting some gifts for other people in our lives, but I already have too much STUFF in my life, and I really want to cut back.


Mr. X has already informed me that he no intention of following my suggestion.  This combines me with a mix of guilt and excitement.  Though I should consider it, I have decided not to waver on not getting him any presents this year.  Christmas gifts for me have been very sparse over the past few years, excluding last year.  My girls were really upset the year before last that I didn’t get more presents, so I made sure there was more than enough for me under the tree.  This year I hope they won’t mind if there is less for everyone.


But despite all that, I can’t help making my book wish list anyway.


The Unidentified by Rae Mariz
Really great cover on this one. The snippets of summary I have read on this books makes it sounds like it is right up my alley.


Restoring Harmony by Joelle Anthony
Again it is all about the cover, though I am starting to think this makes me a little shallow.  Also I saw this listened on a dystopian novel list, though Joelle herself isn’t entirely sure she agrees.  Even the suggestion of dystopia is enough for me.  I think we use the term as an umbrella term because it helps us find the types of books we like to read.

Storm Thief by Chris Wooding
Recently read a review of this though I don’t remember hearing of it previously, it sounds like my kind of book.

The Returners
by Gemma Malley
I adored The Declaration and I think that both Mr. X and I would love this book. I almost bought it when I was on my road trip and I really, really wish I had.


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