Lenore Presents Dystopian February


Two times a year Lenore focuses on dystopia on her blog. And I find it overwhelmingly delightful. Well, it feels wrong to find dystopia anything delightful, but that is just how I am. Every time Lenore focuses on dystopia it just gets better and better. She does some really amazing author interviews. Here is what Lenore has in store for her readers:

Here's what I have on tap:

dystopian-februaryReviews of over 20 dystopian novels, past, present and future - complete with my infamous Zombie Chicken Ratings. (Refer to my index of dystopian reviews for latest updates and past reads)


Interviews with authors of dystopian fiction.


Dystopian Mash-ups - These are fun posts where readers imagine their favorite characters dropped into other books.  Could Elizabeth Bennett survive THE HUNGER GAMES?  Would Katniss be best buds with Frankie from THE DISREPUTABLE HISTORY OF FRANKIE LANDAU BANKS? You tell me!


Previews of dystopian fiction coming out later this year and beyond.

Contests and book giveaways and more!


I always love to hear what Lenore has to say about the dystopian novels I have read. I admire her focus to be able to blog so well and so consistently. She always does a great job. I really hope you stop by and leave a comment or two for Lenore and maybe win some awesome prizes.  If you get really lucky, you may find some dystopian reviews from me here on the blog, fingers crossed.


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